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A Elevated Shopping Experience 

At Weilu Fresolone Atelier, each appointments is privately hold in a cozy and intimate atmosphere.


Working with a knowledgeable stylist and sometime the designer herself who understand brides' preference and help them explore various silhouettes, necklines, and fabrics. Customizations are always available to suit individual's style and personality.


Floral Inspired 

Bridal Atelier 

37 E Elm St, Greenwich, CT 

Gorgeous Collection

A stunning collection of hand-made dresses showcasing the timeless elegance with modern approach and exquisite craftsmanship 

Personal Connection 

Our dedicated stylist form a close connection with brides while learning about their personal preference and styles. Offers emotional support, ensuring brides feel comfortable and confident in their choices.  

No Rush 

There is no pressure to make quick decisions, no pushy sales talk. Brides are allowed time and space to make sure they are making the right decisions. 

Expert Tailoring 

We offer the best of the best tailoring service in the industry. Brides will have their wedding dress perfectly fitted on them after 2-3 fittings.

Book your private appointment now, We can't wait to meet you 


Vintage Re-styling 

If a dress is well-made and has sentimental value to a family, bring it to us.


We can simply resize it for the right fit or re-style it by changing the neckline, shorten the skirt, add sleeves, etc. or we can totally recreate something else using the fabric itself. 

Schedule your free consultation now to discover more .


By bringing your dream dress to life and having it fit impeccably to your beautiful body, your dress will be just as special as you truly are.

---Weilu Fresolone

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