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Growing up in western China, I lived with my grandparents.  I learned basic sewing skills from my grandma.  At a very young age, she taught me how to thread a needle and tie a knot.  My passion for dressmaking started at that time.

After graduating from college with a fashion design degree, I moved across the planet as a newlywed with my husband and started our life and career in New York.  My first job in America was as a cashier at a grocery store near my in-laws house. I took a second job simultaneously with a larger chain bridal gown store where I did alterations.  I was very lucky and was given an opportunity to train alongside with the designer at a local atelier, creating one-of-a-kind custom dresses from start to finish. I immediately fell in love with the process, and it became crystal clear to me that my artistic design passion lies in bridal and formal wear.   After working for a couple of well known designers in New York City, I sharpened my skills in dressmaking and eye for the perfect fit.  Now, I have my own atelier doing what I truly love.


My favorite part of the job is crafting dresses and formal wear for an event that is so meaningful to our clients and making them happy. 


They say "do what you love, then you don't have to work a day."  Fortunately I'm one of the lucky ones.

Being able to design and create dream dresses for my brides, having it perfectly fitted on them, seeing the smile on their faces and making their dreams come true for their special day, has given me a feeling that I can't describe but this feeling has been my fuel for this journey. 

My Inspirations

The wonder of nature. 


Growing up on a farm, I was always in awe of the endless beauty that surrounded me everyday: the shape of tree branches, the colors of the flowers, the layering of the leaves, how vines climb up a wall, rain falling from the sky.  Everything looks so intricate but also effortless in nature. 


Nature influences how I manipulate solid fabrics into different textures and how I use my laces, emborderaries . I am deeply rooted in the soil of the Earth.  That’s also why my brand is so focused on sustainability. 

The Atelier 

We officially took over the brick and mortar retail space in September 2022, and we spent several months on construction and design before taking on clients.  I want Weilu Fresolone Atelier to be a creative space where I can sit with my clients and really get to know them and their vision. I also want the ability to do the technical work and make everything in house.  I have a back room where I can focus and do the not so glamorous work, like pattern-making, cutting, sewing, etc.


I received a lot of help from family and friends with setting up the atelier, moving heavier pieces, and borrowing ladders and drills.  Now it's ready, and I am so excited to keep filling my atelier with unique, and timeless pieces as well as meeting my future clients.

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