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Weilu Fresolone Atelier

37 E Elm St, Greenwich, CT

Where the magic happens 

Collaborative Custom Design

Some of you have always known how you want to feel in a dress for your most meaningful moments. Searching for "the one" which empowers that feeling can be an exhausting experience. Many shop visits end with the realization that no dress checks off every box.


But it does not have to be this way.

 At Weilu Fresolone Atelier, we collaborate with you to bring your vision to life. By listening to your story, we take into account your concerns and discover your authentic style. We help you try on our sample dresses to unlock all the details that will look flattering on you. From guiding you on choosing the finest fabrics that will compliment your style, to offering all the technical support for the impeccable fit, you can rest assured that your custom gown will check off each and every box.

Creating magic from an initial concept to a perfectly fitted garment.

Starting at $3,500


Our Process


Initial Call 

During our initial call, We get to know you and your vision, from silhouettes, necklines to fabrications and give you a price range your vision could fall into 


Design Consultation 

Working with your budget, we sit down together and chat through all specs of the creation. You will be presented with a sketch and the fabric swatches at the end of the conversation as the finial design 



Most of the dresses require 3 fittings to have it fit impeccably. We make each fitting extremely fun, 

so you can really enjoy the process of seeing your dream dress comes to life. 


The Day Of  

We provide the day of styling service to our clients, we will be on site to take care all the dress related things like steaming, getting dressed, bustling and more so you can focus on making memories. 


Lead Time 

Creating a garment from start to finish is a time consuming process, It's always a smart idea to leave 6 month for the dress-making. ​


In a rush? Talk to us about your event, and we will offer solutions to  accommodate your needs.​​

Vintage Re-styling 

If a dress is well-made and has sentimental value to a family, bring it to us.


We can simply resize it for the right fit or re-style it by changing the neckline, shorten the skirt, add sleeves, etc. or we can totally recreate something else using the fabric itself. 

Schedule your free consultation now to discover more .


By bringing your dream dress to life and having it fit impeccably to your beautiful body, your dress will be just as special as you truly are.

---Weilu Fresolone

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